We celebrated Logan’s 1st birthday at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach.

Pics of her first year were planted along the party route.

She’s half Korean and wore her Hanbook and celebrated the Dol traditions for her first birthday.

For the Toljabee tradition, items are laid out in front of the baby. These items may represent her future career or interests — like a stethoscope for a doctor or money for a career in finance. Whatever the baby gravitates toward — well it can predict her future. So what did Logan choose?

Looks like she went straight for the phone. So maybe she’s going to have a career in PR or technology? Only time will tell.

She had a chance to change into her ladybug dress — she was absolutely adorable.

Something is burning… so who is to blame?? Neither of these two brothers want to take the hit!

Mom and Dad continued her ladybug party theme with a custom cake … that she destroyed enjoyed.